2BHK Residence @ Challakere

Location: Challakere, Karnataka

Client: Smt K.Padma w/o K Malleshappa, Challakere

Structural Consultant: krsnaservice consultants, Bengaluru

                              The project is located at Challakere near Bellary, Karanataka. It was planned to construct two 2BHK Residence for Mrs & Mr. K Malleshappa.

                              The concept was arrived from the understanding of the couple requirements and it’s blend with VAASTU. So the whole adobe was planned as per VAASTU and its principles. It was decided to construct G+ 1 structure making it two 2BHK residence. It was rigorous exercise and continuous research on the VAASTU and it’s principles which anyone can feel it in the whole design making it as dream come true for our client.

                              The design showcases structural advancement as we are the one who adopted 6” wall and columns throughout the home for the first time in THE TOWN. Other aspect what we do general practice is to harmonizes with Micro and Macro climate. The rooms are located in such a way that each and every room gets sufficient light and cross ventilation.